Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnets

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Build a mailing list with lead magnets - Teach Online TV

Build a mailing list with lead magnets - Teach Online TV

If you aren’t already using lead magnets to build your e-mail list, you definitely should be. It’s one of the best ways to increase conversion rates for capturing e-mails once people come to your site. Find out more about what they are and how to create them in this episode of Teach Online TV.

Basically, lead magnets are a free piece of content that you give to someone in exchange for their email. People may be visiting your site through various marketing channels, but many of them won’t be ready to buy your course just yet. They’ve just come across you for the first time, so they don’t trust you yet.

Instead of letting them leave after looking at your site or reading your blog, you can capture their email addresses using a lead magnet. This could be a free book, a PDF download, a checklist, an audio or video file, or even access to a free course.

Now this dramatically increases your conversion rates for capturing those email addresses. If you just ask someone to subscribe to your blog, you might be lucky with 1%, 2%, 6%, or maybe 10% conversion to email addresses. But when you start giving away a lead magnet, something of additional value for free, you’re going to drive that up to 20, 30% and more. We’ve seen examples up in 50 and 60+ percent conversion rate to grab those email addresses.

So you could easily double, triple or more the size of your email list by offering lead magnets. And I would suggest any time you’re putting content out there, anytime you’re educating people, include a lead magnet as an additional way to capture email addresses. You can even do this if you are doing guest posts on other people’s sites.

Some examples of successful lead magnets are:

  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • eBooks
  • Resource bundles
  • Email courses
  • Video Courses

You see that popup on the bottom right corner of your screen? That’s our lead magnet where we offer you a free course on launching your own online courses in exchange for your email address.

There are a number of ways to deliver your lead magnets. You can actually use Thinkific to do it! So you could just drop your PDF or e-book or video series or single free video into a Thinkific course and use that as a lead magnet to give away. And if you want to be able to embed it in other places, like on guest blog posts, you could use the sales widget.

So, anytime you’re out there sharing your valuable expertise, throw in a lead magnet and watch how fast you capture additional email addresses. And then, of course, you can turn those into clients for business.

And if you’re looking for more advice, check out this article from Bryan Harris at Videofruit. It explains how to create lead magnets very quickly, how to use them, and really everything you need to know about lead magnets.

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