How to Pre-Sell Online Courses using Live Webinars (Troy Dean & Kristina Romero Interview)

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How to Pre-Sell Your Online Course with Live Webinars (Troy Dean & Kristina Romero Interview) | Thinkific Teach Online TV

Thinkific Content Manager Tyler Basu interviews Kristina Romero & Troy Dean from RockStar Empires on how to use live webinars to pre-sell an online course before creating it.

Tory Dean & Kristina Romero are the founder of RockStar Empires, where they help entrepreneurs and startups create and sell online courses so they can increase revenue and impact students all over the world.

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  • Gary Capps

    Great tips from the Rock Star empires crew. After looking at ways to setup an online training program with WordPress plus a gazzilion plugins, that all needed tying together, the recommendation to use Thinkific was a great one. Speed to market is key and using tools like this have allowed us to focus on the course/product and not worry about the tech holding it all together.

    • Thanks for watching this Gary, I’m glad it was helpful for you!

  • Ross Wirth

    @@tylerbasu:disqus One thing I have noticed in this great video and other success stories is the direct focus on increasing revenue. On the flip side, I have not seen anything on selling alternatives to negatives, things people do not want to do, but have to – or things they do poorly, but do not know help is available. For example, success at selling a course on leadership where people may be struggling and not know what to do or would rather design the company’s next product instead of manage people and need a better way to handle the administrative side of the business. This flips-side does not directly move revenue, but indirectly lower costs that are often hidden. Any success stories for those with expertise in areas that do not have a direct line-of-sight to revenue, but impacts many other indirect costs?

    • Hey Ross, thanks for commenting. I’m not 100% sure I understand your request. Are you wanting us to interview people who have created courses about topics that are not related to marketing/sales/revenue (ie. case studies of people teaching non-revenue topics). Or are you wanting us to interview experts about non-revenue related topics?

      • Ross Wirth

        @tyler@tylerbasu:disqus The 1st – I am interested in hearing from people with success selling courses that help students reduce costs or pain points that are not directly line-of-sight to revenue. All the success stories I have seen directly impact the student’s revenue, mostly selling more of what the student is selling. However, leadership and organizational change focus more on reducing avoidable costs or indirectly benefit revenue. However, these course benefits are not directly linked to revenue (only indirectly).

        • Got it! I will keep an eye out for those types of examples to feature as case studies. Thanks for the feedback!

          • Ross Wirth