Thinkific is sometimes compared to the Teachable platform. Both platforms allow you to create, market, and sell courses online, but with a number of key differences. Many former Teachable customers have moved their courses to Thinkific, and we’ve put together a detailed comparison guide to better highlight the differences between the two platforms.

Thinkific is a full featured online course platform that makes it easy for speakers, authors, independent experts, entrepreneurs, and companies to quickly create, market, and sell courses on their own sites. It is easy to use, ensuring that course creators can get started quickly. Thinkific has all of the advanced customizations and features course creators need to build robust online course businesses.

Thinkific is a good choice for individual instructors selling one course, right up to large companies with many courses and enterprise level feature requirements. The platform powers thousands of online courses and the platform is used by multinational corporations, professional associations, and universities, alongside independent experts and educational entrepreneurs alike. Companies like Hootsuite use and trust Thinkific.

Thinkific instructors receive funds directly from students through their own Stripe and PayPal accounts, immediately upon purchase.

Teachable is a newer entrant to the online course platform market than Thinkific, geared towards digital marketers. It can be a good option for people that want to try to make money selling online, and aren’t as concerned about more advanced course and community features like drip content, completion certificates, course ratings, student email and integrations, or flexibility with coupon codes and expiry dates.

Teachable collects and holds purchase funds in Teachable’s account, and pays instructors 30-60 days after purchase.


Features for online course platforms can be broken down into a few key categories – each vital for overall success: Course Creation, Teaching & Student Experience, Design & Customization, Site Administration, and Sales & Marketing. Let’s walk through a side by side comparison of Thinkific and Teachable.

Thinkific vs Teachable: Detailed Comparison

Thinkific-Online-Courses Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.10.53 PM
Sales & Marketing
Drip Content
(Both Scheduled Classes & Evergreen Classes)

(Drip not available)
Free, Paid, Subscription
& Time-Limited Courses

(Time limited courses unavailable)
Site Wide Coupons & Promotions
(Course-specific coupons only that expire if the price changes)
Upsells & Bundles
(No restrictions)
(Limited: Courses with bundles cannot be added as an upsell/bundle on other courses)
Course Ratings
Advanced Marketing Integrations (ie: Mixpanel, Zapier, etc.)  ✕
(Limited webhooks only; no event tracking, order tracking, course completions, or trials)
Affiliate program
Sales Widget (sell off-platform)
Course Creation
Create courses with multiple content types
(Video, Audio, PDF, Presentations, Exams, Text, Surveys, Quizzes, Discussions, Multimedia, Downloads, etc.)
(Exams, Long-form quizzes, Presentations & Surveys are not available)
Bulk import course content
Easily add externally hosted content & apps
(Multimedia Lessons / iframe)
Full hosting of video & other files
Course attachments & downloads
Teaching & Student Experience
Built in student discussions
Automated welcome & completion emails  ✓
Completion certificates
(Fully automated and editable completion certificates)
Student progress reporting  ✓
Design & Customization
Custom Domains
Setup hidden & locked courses
Custom branding (colors, logo & site images)
Built-in blog
(Thinkific prefers to integrate with best-in-class blog providers)

(limited functionality)
Drag and drop visual editor
(coming soon)
Full access to HTML/CSS with export/import capabilities  ✕
(export/importing themes unavailable)
Site Administration
Fully managed customer signup / purchase / enrollment process
Order tracking, conversion, and retargeting pixel support
Enterprise tier features (SSO, White Label, Account Manager, Content Creation Services, etc.)
(SSO, full white-label, advanced API, and similar features unavailable)
Unlimited Courses, students & bandwidth
(video hours are limited)
Enterprise plans & professional services available
Instant access to your funds
(Paid immediately to your own Stripe or PayPal account)
(Funds held up to 60 days on all but enterprise/high $$$ plans)
0% Transaction Fee Option 0% fees at $99/mo 0% fees at $299/mo
Standard Packages $0 – 279/mo. $0 – 749/mo.

In every category including pricing, Thinkific comes out on top when compared with Teachable.

Thinkific is simple to use and you can sign up, upload your course content, and launch in only a few minutes. When you’re ready for advanced features, they’re there. Thinkific offers a robust online learning platform that is able to grow with any instructor.

Sign up for free to create your first Thinkific course and experience Thinkific for yourself!


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Features and support are constantly changing! This analysis was accurate to the best of our knowledge as of January, 2016.

Thinkific vs Teachable